Jake and Gabby

Last weekend I had a photo session with 11 year old twins Jake and Gabby.  Their mom asked me to take the kids photos for their birthday and I eagerly agreed.  Most of the children I work with have been much younger, so I was very excited to do a session with these two.  It was such a blast, I laughed so hard sometimes it was hard to focus.   Gabby was remarkable from the get-go, she is a beautiful girl and a natural in front of the camera.  Jake was another story, despite his good looks he was a little reluctant to be photographed at first.  In fact he told his mom she was ruining his life on the drive to Congress Park where we shot.  But after a little bit of time and some talking and goofing around together, he loosened up immensely and I was able to get some fantastic shots.   I got a text from their mom after the session letting me know that the kids had a good time and Jake had agreed to let me take his photo again.  He also let her know that he wouldn’t ever go back to “those amateurs at Sears” LOL.  Got to love him.  Here’s a few of the amazing images of these amazing twins.

Thank you Tammy for letting me hang out with and photograph your incredible twins!

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